Saturday, October 23, 2010


I wish I could say these patterns are mine, but actually they are a study I did of the textile designs of the inspiring Lucienne Day (1917-2010). It was fun to recreate what someone else's hand and mind had created.

Not only was Lucienne Day an interesting person, she had a cool name. Thinking of her name reminds of a boy who was in my class at college whose name was Lucien Snow. I thought that was a good name, but he turned out to not be as likable as his name.

And thinking of Lucien Snow's name got me thinking about one of my all time favorite names: Neptune Frost. Neptune Frost! What a name! Neptune was a black soldier who died at the battle of Lexington and Concord in 1775, which was the fight that triggered the start of the American Revolutionary War. He is buried in the old burial ground in the middle of Harvard Square, Cambridge. I mean, he's right there, 20 feet from a bus stop! There's a sign on the fence to let you know that he and another black soldier from that war, Cato Steadman, are buried there. What a wonderful name - Neptune Frost. It just makes you want to write a book, or a song, or simply rejoice in the presence of poetry.

What's your favorite name?


  1. Galileo Galilei- I often find myself repeating his name in my head. I love the sound of it.

  2. susan, I love your little stories and the way you always have a question at the end...

    I like the sound of these names: olafur eliason, gene kelly, isabella rossellini, lucy lawless, pablo picasso, jean harlow, takeshi kaneshiro, and hayao miyazaki, ...

    if I had children, their names would be emma and ferdinand.

  3. Yes, very charming stories and I really like your sense of humour :-)

  4. Hi Susan, while I´m just writing an answer to your sweet email, I´m jumping into your blog too (multitasking ;). I love your textile studies, you have a real lively drawing line (I hope this is the right expression). Now back to your email.... X Sandra

  5. I am posting a comment to my own blog - is that like being my own grandpa?

    Just want to say that my mom told me a memorable name came from a woman she worked with many years ago: Mary Christmas (frankly, I think that's just cruel!). My brother's favorite baseball player name comes from one of the nominees for this year's "best name in minor league baseball" contest. This guy didn't win, but my brother thinks he should have: Sequoyah Stonecipher. You better grow up and do something good with a name like that!

  6. mary christmas is hilarious!!!