Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am trying to be artistically productive, but it's not going that great. My painting of Queen Maeve's megalithic tomb looks more like Queen Maeve's pile of spinach in a field.

Drawing this twig made me feel better. In fact, I am thinking of drawing it again.

But what I really want to say is, I wish I needed more keys, ant traps, or Whiffle ball bats, because the two guys working at the West Roxbury True Value Hardware are unexpectedly rocking it in a "I ride a bicycle and raise my own chickens" kind of way.


  1. This is hilarious... I hope it's meant to be! I completely understand the artisitic productive struggle, and I love that you've taken it back to basics to draw the stick. It's such a fine stick! And yes, I think you should draw it again, and again. I had to look up Whiffle ball bats(!) - but even if you don't need any, there's nothing wrong with just hanging and browsing at the hardware, as I reckon the bike riding chicken owning guys will like your stick drawings.

  2. Helicopter 6: No life is complete without having played a game of Whiffle ball! I did draw the stick again, and another dried stem-stick thing I found yesterday while out walking. Perhaps I'll post that one today. And thanks for laughing at my post. :-)