Friday, October 15, 2010

Wool Week

Did you know that Britain and the Campaign for Wool has deemed October 11-17 "Wool Week"? They want to educate people on the advantages of wearing, wrapping, knitting, decorating, and living with wool in order to support sheep farms, endangered breeds of sheep, and the production of wool.

It's so gray, windy, and rainy today that it's definitely a good day to wear some wool or stay under your wool blanket. My most worn and most loved wool item is the fuschia wool scarf I got in 1983 when I took the train into Boston with my friend Maria Garcia (where is she now?) and went shopping at Filene's (out of business). The highlight was trying on some Girbaud jeans (do people still wear these?). What's your favorite wool thing?

1 comment:

  1. this is timely; i got a wool puddle pad for lina on the day you posted was actually a gift to lina from the guy who i bought my new (and fantastic) laytex/rubber mattress from. he was worried she might pee on the new mattress (he has a small kid so he knows about these things) so he gifted her with this lovely silky organic wool blankety rectangle that you place between the mattress and the sheets in case a pee happens (less frequent now but better to be safe than sorry).

    i dont remember maria garcia...but if you want to feel like you are floating at night, and at the same time cradled in a cushy warm nest, let me know and i'll hook you up with kevin the mattress and puddlepad guy!