Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today I saw...

Today, on the subway, I saw the living embodiment of this sculpture. The young woman - she was probably no more than 16 - had a physique that defied the laws, or at least the odds, of nature. I mean, she was wearing Uggs and they looked ~small~. She was stunningly beautiful really. I don't think she understood that - I felt like she was trying to hide herself, which was impossible for her to to do.

Note: If I am violating copyright laws by using this photo, I want to let the Museum of Fine Arts know that I am right down the street and I am open to negotiation. Go west on Huntington, then south on the Jamaicaway, take a few more lefts and rights and you'll be here. My doorbell doesn't work, so just yell up or throw pebbles at the second floor windows. If using this photo is a problem, I'll take it down - just as soon as my 7 followers have seen it!


  1. susan
    how cool you have 8 followers! also, today i heard a youthspeaks poetry slam on the radio. teenagers screaming righteous poems about real life, do you know it? this one girl read/screamed/performed her poem about obesity in her family and it was very powerful...made me think of this statue.

  2. Sue,
    Have I mentioned lately that I love your blog? Excellent post, I like how you got all sassy with MOFA, have they shown up yet?

  3. Ha ha, that last bit made me laugh. My door bell doesn't work either :)

  4. I was gonna write "8 followers," but I see the number 8 is taken, so I call dibs on 9. Thank Stacy Mayer's facebook post which led me to you. Great way to start my day in Switzerland. Thanks for the great blog!