Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say it with pictures

Whenever Pete takes a trip, I try to keep track of things that happen while he's gone. That way, after he gets back from riding camels in the desert, I can show things were equally exciting right here at home.

(I think if you click on this picture you'll be able to see it a little bigger. I'll have to test that! Let me know if that works on your end.)

What was interesting about your day today? You can let me know about that too.


  1. yeah clicking on it makes it bigger, plus on the mac you can press 'command +' and make it even bigger so i didnt have to get my glasses.
    why couldnt you go on the porch??

  2. What a lovely picture. I couldn't read all the words but that might just be my crappy computer screen. Have you seen Gemma Correll's daily diaries? If not you'd like them I think. I worked in a school today and It was their last day before half term. Enjoy your weekend!