Sunday, January 31, 2010

No "y" in absinth

There's no "y" in absinth, but there is in Cynthia. I thought for sure absinth would have a y in it. It's Cynthia for whom I made the card pictured above, and it's Cynthia who's been drinking absinth in San Francisco. And I heard from David that he's been drinking Manhattans in Birmingham. I haven't checked with Gina, but I'm sure she's drinking beer in Atlanta. Me? I'm drinking orange-mango-peach juice. Where are you and what are you drinking?


  1. I´ve never tried Absinth and I wonder how it tastes. It´s half past two p.m. now and I´m drinking rhubarb rooibos tea with milk, while I´m looking forward to browse your blog :)

    Great that you started blogging, yeah!

    X Sandra

  2. Cheers to you, Susan -- and thanks for the gentle inspiration!