Saturday, January 23, 2010


Some people don't remember their dreams. I almost always do. I still remember a particularly vivid and powerful dream I had when I was in the first grade! Usually my dreams are stressful in some way - things are never going right and I feel anxious or confused. Last night I even dreamt about meeting Madonna. Her arms were flabbier than I would have thought - nothing like in the pictures you see. I had no idea I even thought about Madonna's arms, but there she was, squishy upper arms and all doing a dance number in a pink outfit with a black top hat. This dream was not stressful, but I was confused. I mean, how did this happen that I was standing 10 feet from Madonna while she did high kicks?

When I dream I am drawing or painting it makes me happy. It makes me feel my creative energy is so mobilized that it shows up in my dream so that I can carefully carry it over from one day to the next.

What did you dream about last night?

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  1. ha! this made me laugh. i dreamt of big bird in spanish (on plaza sesamo, he is green not yellow for some reason, and this is true, not dreaming)