Thursday, January 28, 2010

I like stripes

I've been forced to admit that my favorite gloves have outlived their everyday usefulness. There are holes in the fingers and much of the fleece has worn away. So, I have moved onto a new purple pair. If I could have just found the same ones, that's what I would have done.

Around here, you need something like $300,000 to buy a small condo with a toilet that doesn't fully flush and the closets don't even have the depth of a hanger. On the other hand, just about any night of the week you can walk into the Lizard Lounge, pay $5.00, and hear music that'll knock your socks off and tear your heart out. For instance, the ear-defying Duke Levine: So, really, everything balances out in the end.


  1. Did you do the drawing of the gloves? It's really nice. realy nice.

  2. Ha! So true! The Duke and friends make it all worthwhile.