Friday, November 19, 2010

Optical illusion

My sheep pictures are snugly hung in the Providence Optical gallery in Providence, Rhode Island (that would be like another country for you European readers). I think you can even see one of the paintings, up on the second floor, through the window just above the One Way sign. The show opening was last night and people actually showed up! (as evidenced by the legs shown below.)

Here are my paintings standing up under close inspection (Pamela didn't even notice that the label on the Greyface Dartmoor is starting to peel off because I painted over it to dim its whiteness after I glued it on. Whew!):

And here I am with my good buddy Taleen below, the curator for this show who has been my friend since back in the J. Crew days. And I by "back" I mean back before they sold bronzed leopard cardigans and when the models actually combed their hair.

Taleen's mysterious encaustic painting called Fossil is on the wall behind us. I am still thinking about that one!