Thursday, June 10, 2010

Postcard swap

This blackbird flew right in front of me as I rode my bike through the Arboretum on my way to work yesterday. I am participating in a postcard swap, arranged by my blog-friend Jill in England, of Today I Saw fame. She's the inspiration for the Today I Saw postcards I have done, and she just completed a full year of daily postcards. What an accomplishment! As a parting note, she has arranged for a swap between the various fans of her site to exchange their own Today I Saw postcards. Mine will be headed out tomorrow to Trine in Vanlose, Denmark. I hope it survives the trip! When I receive my postcard, I'll post it so you can see it too.

Please do check out Jill's year of postcards. They are all delightful!

As usual, I am wondering what YOU saw today...

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