Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last day of Spring!

When I was making this Today I Saw postcard, I had an internal debate about whether to add color or not. I really liked it just as a simple line drawing...but was also curious about how it would look with color. For a while I thought I had to do it one way OR the other, which was really bothering me because if I added color, the line drawing would be lost forever and I hated that I would have to sacrifice it. Then I realized I could just make two cards, one in each way. But then I told myself I couldn't do that and I just had to choose one solution. Then I asked who decided that? And my other brain said "those are the rules". And so I asked "who made the rules?" My other brain said, "I made the rules." But then I said, "yes, but you are me so I also get to change the rules if I want." SO, here you have the outcome of that argument. Two postcards, one black and white, one color. Which do you like better? Why?

If that's too easy of a question, how about: What rule or belief are you living by that isn't really helping you - or anyone else?

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  1. Alliums are my favorite! Saw one on a garden tour here that was at least 10" around. It was fabulous.