Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pack it in

Here's my new backpack. I can hardly wait to use it! It fits me perfectly, is one of my favorite colors, and has all kinds of good pockets and loops to tie things to and hang things off of, like trekking poles - not that I own any trekking poles.

Where oh where will my next hike be? I would love to go hiking in California, Sweden, Iceland, and the Great Smoky Mountains. I have ~seen~ the Smoky Mountains at least, but I was only passing through on my way to North Carolina with Jill as we wrote songs about Doritos (it seemed like a good idea at the time).

Where's your favorite hiking spot? Where will you go exploring next?


  1. This drawing/painting is lovely! You have such a nice style. I'll be hiking in California in two weeks time. I'll be visiting a friend of mine who lives in San Diego. Once I hiked across England and it took 12 days. That is one of my biggest achievements.