Monday, May 2, 2011

Back in the saddle again*

First day on the bike in 2011, and a perfect day for it! Some of the things I saw on my commute:
  • A young woman sobbing at the bus stop with her suitcase.
  • The row of lilacs coming into bloom in the Arboretum.
  • Several gaggles of Canada goslings, so yellow and fluffy. (In a few months they will be attacking and hissing at me, but right now, they are cute.)
  • A guy with bizarrely huge quadriceps running by in his shorts.
  • A woman with pink hair and big white sunglasses.
  • Three dogs chasing me, including a St. Bernard.
  • Starlings swooping after a crow.
What did you see today?

* If you would like to hear "Back in the Saddle Again", click here. (I wish my helmet could look like a cowboy hat!)


  1. i biked to work today too! we got this cool trail a bike for lina and now she is the rave of all the folks we pass -- its a tandem you connect to your adult bike and so she feels big. i disconnect it when we get to her school and lock it up, then i am FREE to ride my own bike up the hill to my work! (i used to have to tow her in one of those big grey seats which has been the monkey on my back for 3 years!)

    today we saw many pigeons overhead, cinderella (she saw her) and a guy sleeping on the sidewalk (alas).


  2. I biked on the Hudson river and saw the NYC skyline from the west side, many other bikers, rollerbladers, baby carriages with cellphones, coffee and distracted moms pushing them, a bunch of dogs a couple of helicopters taking off...