Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!!!

Time to say goodbye to 2010. I have a drainting (that's what I call my cross between drawings and paintings) that I am working on and that I intended to post for my final post of the year today. But, it's only half done. That pretty much captures a good portion of the year - often rushing, usually behind, and rarely getting things done the way I had imagined. But, that's alright. There were some really good pauses in the midst of it all.

I heard on the radio that there was an intense tornado in Cincinnati, Arkansas today. A man was pulled out of his bed and carried across the street by the force of the storm. He said he kept his eyes open the whole way because he wanted to see the end coming.

Are your eyes opened?


  1. wow! i hope my eyes are open for all the good stuff...
    happy new year, susan!

  2. Have a great year with a lot of good pauses!

  3. I like your blog :) happy new year to you and your poor icy bike!

  4. Happy New Year- hope today was a "good pause" to start the year :)

  5. Actually, that's not my bike, thank goodness. I saw it when I was waiting for the bus and was so glad it wasn't mine. My bikes are safely ensconced in my apartment! :-)

    I am wishing good pauses and eyes wide open for everyone!