Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sure, there are some good things about winter.

But I love summer.
Everything is bursting with color, joy and ease.
On days like the one above,
I am just waiting for days like today.

As William Carlos Williams said:

"In summer, the song sings itself."

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I re-remembered one thing and discovered something else.

What I re-remembered is that I can draw more easily if other people are talking. For that reason, it's good to have some kind of talking radio show on while I draw. I think a lot of people like to put music on when they are painting or making and they say it frees their creative juices. If I do that, the music takes up my whole brain and I want to dance or sing (off key) or just sit there staring into space. Music is like a Vulcan mind meld for me. It completely removes me from my own ideas.

But, if someone is talking, their voice and the subject matter take up the talking, monkey-mind part of my brain, which opens the drawbridge to the part that can think without words. This is probably more true of everyone than we think - it's why you see people doodling in meetings but not at concerts.

The thing I discovered is that the Uni-ball Jet Stream RT 0.7 mm retractable pen is surprisingly good for drawing with. It makes a good wiggly but not too wiggly line, and is suited for lefties, unlike most gel pens, because the ink dries fast and doesn't smudge. You can find these pens at Staples, along with beef jerky.

What is your favorite thing to draw with?